New Year Cleaning Challenge: Spring Cleaning With Kids

spring cleaning with kids

Day 69 of the New Year Cleaning Challenge

Days are getting longer and the temperature's rising: it's time for spring-cleaning!

Why work alone?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, get tips to bring children onboard when it's time for seasonal cleaning.

Working together teaches skills, builds teamwork, and shares the fun! Try it today in your organized home.

Today's Assignment:
Spring Cleaning with Kids

Teaching children how to do housework encourages responsibility and builds skills important for adult life, so why leave them out when it's time for seasonal deep-cleaning?

Spring and Fall cleaning sessions are a great time to bring children onboard.

If you'll deep-clean your home this Spring, try these tips to involve children in seasonal cleaning. Their future partners will thank you!

Five Tips for Spring-Cleaning with Kids