Challenge Day 70: Kids' Room Week Wrap-Up

Organize kids rooms

It's been all things kid this week in the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge, as we've decluttered, cleaned and organized children's rooms.

Today, take the last steps to bring children's rooms to a state of clean and orderly..

Tomorrow, the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge moves storage areas in attic and basement. Are you ready to clean out stored stuff to welcome Spring?

Today's Assignment:
Wrap Up Kids' Room Week

Children's rooms have take center stage this week in the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge. We've cut clutter, right-sized storage and organization, and learned ways to include children in cleaning and seasonal chores.

Today, review your children's room week checklist. If possible, complete the last few tasks today. You'll set the stage for next week's focus area: attic and basement storage areas.

No time to finish today? Note remaining tasks, and add them to your to-do list or planner to be tackled when time permits. Can you delegate any remaining chores?

Remember: there's no such thing as "behind"; every step you take is one more stride toward a clean and organized home!