Challenge Day 8: It's Entryway Week


It's the place where public meets private: the entryway or foyer of your home.

It's the launch zone for family members each day, and the source of a guest's first impression of your home.

This week in the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge, we'll deep-clean, declutter and organize the portal to the world outside. Daily challenges will focus on cutting morning chaos and fine-tuning daily routines.

Ready? Let's tackle the entryway in the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge!

Today's Assignment:
Entryway/Foyer Week

As a transition zone, the entryway to your home gets daily use--but is sometimes overlooked! Is your entryway a clean, organized space that welcomes guests and sends family members out the door easily?

Too often, this hard-working space becomes a jumble of piled belongings, outer clothing, decor objects and just plain junk. Opened shipping boxes cluster next to last Autumn's scarecrow decoration. Stacks of library books jostle for space with lunch boxes and backpacks. A dusty floral grace note presides above scattered piles of mail.

This week, we'll sort it all out to create a supportive space to springboard each day.

Following the Cleaning Grand Plan, we'll empty and deep-clean the space, corral the clutter, then stand back to create an organized entryway to welcome guests and speed the family out the door.

Entryway Week Assignments

The week's daily messages will focus on morning routines and family launch pads.

We'll take time this week to consider how to get the family out the door each morning.

We'll look for stress-busting ways to speed morning routines, and set up tried-and-true solutions for chaotic morning challenges.

Ready? The entryway awaits; time to transform it as the portal to a clean and organized home!

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