Back-To-School Countdown Day 5: 10 Money-Saving Tips for School Clothes

Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes

Shop On Sales Tax Holidays

Does your state offer sales tax holidays? If so, you'll save 7 to 10% on the cost of school clothes by taking advantage of the tax breaks.

Check this listing of Sales Tax Holidays, and plan to shop ... and save!

Hold Out for Clearance Sales

Smart back-to-school shoppers know that the hottest clothing on today's back-to-school displays will hit the clearance racks shortly after Labor Day.

Buying one or two new outfits now, then completing the list during September's clearance sales saves money--and with fewer shoppers in the store, shopping "late" saves stress, too.

Stretch the Shopping Season

The school year lasts for nine long months ... and children grow, and grow, and grow. Buy it all now, and you're apt to find tight waistbands and too-short trousers in the closet come Spring.

To shop smart, stagger school clothing purchases throughout the year. Hitting seasonal clearance sales in mid-September, after the Christmas holidays, and in February's winter clearance sales cuts the cost of keeping children in shoes and clothes.

Recycle and Repurpose

"New" isn't the only way to go, when it comes to back-to-school shopping. Consignment stores, thrift stores and yard sales are great places to find top-quality children's clothing at bargain prices.

If you're handy with needle and thread, look at kids' wardrobes with an eye to repurposing. Too-short pants become wearable shorts with a new hem!

Build Your Budget With Resales

Don't miss the chance to build your back-to-school budget with creative reselling.

Children's clothing in good repair fetches premium prices at yard sales, so organize a back-to-school garage sale to clear last year's clothes ... and score some cash for current needs.

Consignment shops offer another avenue to resell children's clothing for cash or store credit. They're a great place to cash in on high-quality or fashionable garments you no longer need.

Organize a Clothing Swap

Finally, cut out the middleman when reselling children's clothing by organizing a clothing swap with other families. Circulating outgrown clothing with friends builds variety in the kids' wardrobes ... and the price is right!