Time and Money

Tame your time and manage your money in your organized home! Learn to use planners, manage household papers and save time on home organization and management.

Beyond the Shopping List: Core Concepts for Supermarket Savings

Looking to lower your grocery bill?

Armed with a menu plan and a shopping list, you've taken the first steps toward establishing a grocery budget and are paying less for food.

But for many of us, the process isn't a happy one.

Mornings aren't the same when a favorite coffee blend is replaced with a generic grind, while the family is getting mighty tired of downsized dinners. Sure, you're saving money--but are you getting the most food value for what you spend?

Cutting back on supermarket spending doesn't have to mean an endless diet of ramen noodles!

Cost Of Chaos: Get Organized, Save Money

Get Organized, Save Money

From time to time, I encounter a skeptical interviewer--a media person or freelance writer who is, shall we say, a bit antithetical to the idea of being organized. Maybe they're free spirits, or they have so much innate organizing ability that the message seems like overkill, but they tend to ask the same question:

"Getting organized saves money? How is that?"